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Microsoft Office 365 marketing site coding

    While I was at iSoftStone North America I was on a team tasked with helping the Microsoft Office 365 team handling the marketing sites ( to implement new features and fix various bugs in 2019-2020.

    Making the T-Mobile support website responsive

      This cell phone company’s support website needed to be responsive so it can work better on various screen sizes. This meant it needed a complete overhaul. Project was in 2016-2017.

      MSDN forums UX refresh

        In 2013 I was brought onto a Microsoft team to aid in CSS fixes for a redesign “refresh” of the MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) forums.

        Amazon Kindle Fire

        Amazon e-book code fixing

          Between 2011 and 2013 I completed the development and code fixing for hundreds of children’s picture e-books in prep for the Kindle Fire release.