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Your very own handy tech girl to keep in your back pocket & call on when needed.


Sometimes websites just screw up. 

I know, it sucks.

That makes many people too afraid to work on their sites because they’re scared something even worse might happen. 

It’s unfortunate, but I understand the fear. I just don’t want you to ever feel scared of touching your website again.

Which is why I’m here to help. 

Previously worked for:

Plus LOADS of small business owners and individuals just like you.

Is something broken?

The Website Fixer-Upper

Something’s not working right, but you don’t know what it is.

Hire me to swoop in, fix it, and hand your website back to you ASAP: no extra drama or long wait periods needed. 

WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, static websites, or anything in between. Whether it’s on a content management system or not.

Starting at $150 for one session*

*Unless there’s a very big issue that will take a lot of time, which I discuss with you about before working

Send info to or from your website

Automation Station

You need something ON your website to communicate with something OFF your website. Or vice versa.

Maybe you need information that gets published on your website to automatically push through to (or from) things like:

But you can’t figure out how the heck to do it. You think maybe there’s a plugin or tool to do it but nothing seems like what you want or solutions under-deliver.

Let me step in, wave my magical code wand , and get it all running smoothly. I can normally get websites and third-party tools to play together and communicate nicely within a few hours.

Starting at $50 for one automation

Get something coded specially for you

The Code Customizer

Want something done that you know needs code work, but you can’t read or tell any of the programming languages apart? (Let alone actually DO something with the code?)

I’ll make you a custom webpage, plugin, or integrate a third-party tool so the technology you want on your website will actually work on your website. 

I code solutions from scratch and make sure they work on different devices and screen sizes, plus I’ve been trained in accessibility to remove online barriers for your users.

$200 for every 5 hours

Ongoing monthly support

Your Own Developer

Has your website grown & you need it to do more than it already does? Need help keeping it running with all the things for your visitors and customers?

If only you had a pro developer on hand ready to help you keep your website working great constantly. Oh wait, you can.

With this service, I’ll get things on your website working & looking exactly the way you want: 

  • Adding new pages, posts, and features based on your content (text, pictures, videos, etc)
  • Fighting spam bots so they wreak less havoc
  • Maintaining and tweaking the code that handles design & functionality so it all continues to work
  • Support just a message/email/call away when you have questions or need help

Starting at $50/month

For B2B agencies serving multiple clients

Your ‘Dirty Little Secret’ Dev Tool

Keep me on your team as the go-to person to build new websites or solve your client’s website issues without having to stall project dates or outsource to another over-booked agency. (Or worse, trusting the client to take care of it themselves.) 

I’ll swoop in when you need me, take care of the page builds or resolve the coding issues, and give you back the website so you can deliver the service the client hired you for.

$50 per hour

Because dealing with website problems shouldn’t be what’s making you cry today. 

What people have to say about my work:

“Angie and I worked together on a small project at iSoftStone, and she was wonderful to work with. What impressed me the most about her was her desire to learn new things coupled with the ability to discern what is important to know from what is less so. I learned a lot from her, both about web development and about how to learn. In addition to being a meticulous developer, Angie is also a pleasure to be around with her positive attitude.”

Catherine Pham Catherine Pham in 2020

“I worked directly with Angie for a Microsoft project and her code was always top notch and thinking forward. She is an expert in accessibility and web development as a whole, and has a great work ethic, anyone working with her has gained a resourceful and inspired teammate. “

Nicholas Gorsline

“Angela is hard working, competent, and creative. She always finds a great code solution in super fast time and gets the work done quickly and without errors. She’s a great collaborator and a pleasure to work with.”

Damon Buxton
Paper abstract