About Code Rocket

Hi, I’m Angela

I’m a web developer and content creator who lives near Seattle WA USA along with my husband and two dogs. For those familiar with the area I’m in Redmond.

I created Code Rocket Studios, LLC for my web development services and other web creations. Since I’ve been a web developer for over 12 years I have tons of experience and knowledge to keep websites and web apps running well and fast on many devices for many types of people. I also have a creative side which I utilize on the web.

As a renaissance woman, I have many interests and hobbies which keep me busy. This comes out in many projects and creations that I share online and in my personal life.

Learn more about me at angelagiese.com

On the web

Code Rocket and/or Angela can be found at these other places. The interwebs is a wonderful place.

Code snippets can be found on Angela’s CodePen: codepen.io/angelagiese/

Angela’s Twitter: @angelagiese

Angela’s LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/angelagiese/

Angela’s personal website: angelagiese.com

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