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Creating the Microsoft Asimov documentation portal

    My role was on a managed services team at iSoftStone North America as the front-end developer to create the Asimov documentation website for internal Microsoft employees.

    The website was built on ASP.NET MVC Core, jQuery, HTML 5, and CSS 3. I implemented Microsoft’s MWF front-end framework on the site while also doing custom front-end coding according to designs. A large amount of time was spent converting documentation provided in Microsoft Word format from our editing team into Markdown for use on the site.

    Nowadays the website is a wiki, but our work with collecting, editing, and displaying updated documentation for this set of tools is still in use today.

    There is no link here to view the project since it’s an internal Microsoft employee website. This is also why I have very few screenshots, for privacy reasons.

    Screenshot of the Asimov Documentation Portal on June 22 2018